Caucus 2016

The Maine Democratic Party held caucuses throughout the State on Sunday, March 6th. The York Caucus was held at the York Middle School.

At the 2016 caucus participants will:

State Democratic Convention - Portland, May 6-7

The convention will be held in Portland beginning Friday, May 6 and continues on Saturday, May 7th. York is allocated 43 delegates and the same number of alternates. There is a cost associated with attending the convention, although no one will be turned away because they can't afford it. Anyone attending the March 6th caucus or submitting an absentee ballot is eligible to be a delegate to the Convention. Since this is a Presidential election year, delegates will be allocated on based on preferential preference vote results. The State Convention is a very interesting experience and this year's location is perfect for York delegates.

More State Convention details will be announced later.

National Democratic Convention - Philadelphia, July 25-28

Learn more about becoming a delegate to the National Convention.